1. 366/365   9.7.12

    Monkeys! At least that’s what I see, and happy monkeys at that because this project is over. This is a bonus photo because I started this project September 8, 2011 before I realized 2012 was a leap year. I’ve walked by these die blocks at work many times and admired these “faces.”  Happy monkey faces!


  2. 365/365   9.6.12

    Fast dog


  3. 364/365   9.5.12

    Wrought iron at the front of the house.


  4. 363/365   9.4.12

    Just another brick in the wall.


  5. 362/365   9.3.12

    Abstract umbrella


  6. 361/365   9.2.12

    Banana chocolate chip muffins.


  7. 360/365   9.1.12

    Today’s picture was a toss-up between me or the dog. The safe photo would have been Butch, but since this project is almost over (one more week to go) I figured it was time to post a self portrait. This is low-tech, camera held at arms length, terrible light, sans makeup.


  8. 359/365   8.31.12

    Blue moon


  9. 358/365   8.30.12

    Today was grocery day, and I picked up a large container of strawberries. I got them home, unloaded them from the car, placed them on the kitchen table and then they fell off said table. Every single one of them fell out of the container onto the floor so I had to throw them all away. I suppose I could have washed them all off, but check out that dog hair if you hadn’t noticed.


  10. 357/365   8.29.12

    Freshly grated gouda for mac & cheese.


  11. 356/365   8.28.12

    I wish I had more time and my Canon to take this picture because this cellphone shot just doesn’t convey how pretty this was. It rained really hard this morning on my way to work and I had to leave for a bit at 9:00 am. The raindrops were dotting these weeds on the way back to the parking lot and the sun was streaming through them. Beautiful weeds!


  12. 355/365   8.27.12

    Tonight’s big chore was making up some more hummingbird nectar and filling the feeders.


  13. 354/365   8.26.12

    One of these socks had been missing for about a week. I’ve never actually lost something in the laundry as it usually turns up in the next load. This one really had me stumped, as I did more laundry yesterday and still didn’t find it. Last night, Shaun pulled out a shirt before bed, and next thing I knew my sock was on the floor.


  14. 353/365   8.25.12

    That’s not for you!


  15. 352/365   8.24.12

    Half moon?